Mandatory Residents

Each meal plan includes a number of meal swipes as well as a set amount of Cougar Cash that will be loaded directly onto your Cougar Card after purchase. A meal swipe can be used in either of our all-you-care-to-eat residential dining halls; Cougar Cash is accepted in any of our campus locations including food trucks, Cougar Xpress Markets, retail restaurants and dining halls. Each time you use your Cougar Card to pay for a meal on campus, that swipe or total will be deducted from your balance. 

Mandatory Residents include those living in:
  • Moody Towers
  • the Quadrangle
  • Cougar Village I
  • Cougar Village II
  • Cougar Place
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Shasta Pass Unlimited


Shasta Pass Unlimited offers complete convenience and freedom to dine on campus. This plan includes unlimited meal swipes in the dining halls and $100 in Cougar Cash.


Cougar Choice 225


The Cougar Choice 225 meal plan provides the best of both with 225 meal swipes for the dining halls and $225 in Cougar Cash to be used at your favorite on campus restaurant or food truck.


Cougar Choice 150


The Cougar Choice 150 is the most popular meal plan on campus; providing students with 150 meal swipes and $500 in Cougar Cash.


Cougar Cash


The Cougar Cash 1650 deliver $1650 Cougar Cash for complete freedom and to power to choose where you want to eat when you are ready. Available only to juniors and senior living on campus, and students who commute.

Viewing 1 to 4 of 4 products